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Welcome to the world of jive!

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CO2 neutral

CO2 neutral

Every ride driven via jive is CO2 neutral! 

CO2-neutral? Yes, for every ride you make with jive, we plant trees. That way, every ride is CO2-neutral. Good for you and our planet!


Key features

CO2 neutral

For every ride, we plant enough trees and support climate-positive projects. So we guarantee that every ride is CO2 neutral!

CO2 neutral
Pick-up points

Jive works with pick-up and drop-off points instead of addresses. This way, meeting up is much easier and we guarantee your privacy!

Simplicity guaranteed
Route selection

Choose the route you take as a driver and jive to pick up jivers along the way!

Select your route
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jive or drive
jive, drive or combine!

Each ride you choose whether you want to be a jiver or a driver. Alternate? No problem!

jive calendar

Plan your working week easily in the calendar and have trips repeated automatically.


Your safety is our top priority. Therefore, we do not share any data between users and we ask each ride to rate itself after the ride.

jive or driven in 3 steps - Create. Match. jive!

jive or drive in 3 steps

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