Information about Jive & Covid-19

Information about Jive & Covid-19

Commuting during COVID-19 times:

how jive can help you!


Mouth mask is mandatory

Face masks are mandatory for all occupants. In this way we minimize the risk of contamination.

Take a seat at the back right

Jivers (passengers) must always take a seat at the right rear in order to respect social distancy.

Follow hygiene measures!

All users are regularly reminded to maintain the necessary hygiene measures.

jive only with one colleague

It is only possible to jive with colleagues from the same company to keep the "bubble" as small as possible. Only one passenger is allowed per trip.


Avoid public transport

With jive you minimize the number of contacts during a commute and thus also the risk of infection.

jiving reduces CO2 emissions

By jiving you reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the environment!

Did you know that jive plants enough trees per car trip to make every trip CO2 neutral?

jive reduces traffic jams & parking

By jiving you reduce the number of cars on the road and thus ensure that there are fewer traffic jams! You also reduce the number of necessary parking spaces.

Social interaction

By jiving you create synergies and ensure stronger work relationships in the workplace.