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Catch the vibe and jive!

Are you going to cheer on your favorite soccer team? Or roar along with your favorite music group? Wherever you go, with jive you think of the environment and your wallet!

Download the free app, create a ride and carpool as a driver or passenger to your destination soon!

What we offer

Our offer

1. Modern & user-friendly app

We offer your employees a modern and user-friendly app to jive, drive or both!

2. Clear Dashboard

You get access to your personal dashboard to follow up on your desired KPIs, such as the total number of jive km's, number of trees planted, number of CO2 saved, ...

3. Full care

We take care of the complete implementation, administration, communication and follow-up! So you can focus on your core business.

CO2 neutral

Every journey that is driven via Jive is CO2 neutral!

Through our close cooperation with CO2 Logic, Goforest and Greentripper, we strictly monitor the local and global emissions for each ride. Based on this calculation, jive supports projects set up by Greentripper and we plant trees with Goforest. This is strictly controlled and closely monitored.

Thanks to our transparency and cooperation with these partners, we have received the official CO2 Neutral® label, accredited by Vinçotte.

Your challenges

As HR, CSR or mobility manager

Improve the quality of life of your employees

By sharing their commute, your employees save 97 euros on their monthly car budget and users of public transport save an average of 26 minutes per trip.

Reduce your carbon footprint

With our detailed reporting, you can measure your impact: number of cars saved, reduction in CO2 emissions, number of trees planted, time saved, etc. In addition, a higher CSR means your image with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Parking charges

Sharing journeys reduces the pressure on your parking spaces and associated parking costs.

Our approach

Virtual coffee

Schedule a no-obligation meeting and discover over a virtual coffee how jive works! Together we will look at the possibilities and impact of ridesharing in your context.

Activation in communication

We activate and personalise your jive dashbaord. All employees are invited and informed using our free jive communication box!

jive and drive!

jive is live! Our smarter algorithms match employees and offer a comfortable and sustainable ride. jive offers 24/7 support to employer and employee.

Our partners

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