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5 reasons to jive to work!


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jiving will soon be the new normal! Not convinced yet? We give you 5 reasons why it's definitely worth to jive!

In a post-Corona era, we are increasingly questioning the way we commute to work. In addition to comfort, speed and price, social impact plays an increasingly important role in our choice.

Although new mobility solutions are available every day, the car remains the most popular means for Belgians to commute to work. This despite the high cost, the negative impact on the environment and the long traffic jams. 

Did you know that for the majority of commuters the trip to work takes longer than 60 minutes? That's a lot of time that could be put to better use!

Looking for a comfortable, reliable and CO2-neutral solution? Find out for yourself below whether jive can make your working day more enjoyable!



After a busy day at work, do you absolutely not feel like the long boring drive home anymore? Or do you need to get into the swing of things on your way to work in the morning? What could be more fun than jiving together with one of your favorite colleagues? Thanks to a pleasant chat on the way, the ride goes by extra quickly. In the morning you can have a nice chat and when you arrive at work you are ready to start your working day.


 No Stress 

Do you have to work in Antwerp, Brussels or Ghent? And do you get stressed as soon as you think of the busy traffic? If you carpool with jive, you immediately have an extra pair of eyes on the road that can help you during busy moments. This makes you more at ease while driving and you have someone to share your traffic troubles with.



Are you completely exhausted after a busy day at work and often don't feel like driving home anymore? Then jiving is ideal. Sit back and enjoy the ride, while your driver takes you safely home.



What could be better than driving home with a pleasant chat and helping the environment at the same time? Thanks to riding together, there are fewer cars on the road, which logically means less exhaust fumes. Every little bit helps! What are you waiting for?

Did you know that jive makes every ride CO2 neutral by supporting climate positive actions?


 Better working environment

Now that you get to know your colleagues better outside of work hours, it is very conducive to the atmosphere at work. You now feel each other better and are more aware of your colleague's life.


In short, jive has only advantages. If you are totally convinced and want to try out our new app, go to the app store and download the jive app. What are you waiting for?